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Bartelt Aktionsflyer ULUF 590 2M Arctico

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Bartelt Aktionsflyer ULUF 590 2M Arctico

Bartelt Aktionsflyer ULUF 590 2M

CERTIFICATION ULTRA LOW TEMPERATURE UPRIGHT FREEZERS DOUBLE SECURITY ULUF 590-2M -90 o C Arctiko is proud to present a true dual refrigeration system. With two separate cooling systems, this range will add a new dimension to your security. In the unlikely event that one system should fail, the freezer will still maintain -86°C until the problem is solved. HIGHLY RELIABLE, TOP PERFORMANCE FREEZER WITH DUAL REFRIGERATION SYSTEM *DIRECT COOLING FOR HIGHER TEMPERATURE UNIFORMITY (+/-2°C) *EXCELLENT TEMPERATURE STABILITY (+/-2°C) FAST PULL DOWN TIME SIGNIFIES AN EFFICIENT REFRIGERATION SYSTEM FAST RECOVERY TIME ENSURES INTEGRITY OF STORED SAMPLES LONG HOLD-OVER TIME IN CASE OF POWER CUT FILTERLESS CONSTRUCTION – MAKES CLEANING UNNCECESSARY *at setpoint -86 o C € 7.500 MODEL ULUF 590-2M Item Code Dimensions exterior WxDxH (mm) DAI 1378 920x885x1990 Capacity (L) 556 Temperature range ( o C) -90 / -40 Power supply (V) 230 Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60 ADVANTAGES OF THE ULUF SERIES low energy consumption resulting in lower operating cost in the long run • Environment-friendly – use of agents and technologies that aren’t harmful to the environment (100% HCFC / CFC free) • Quality components – for a robust and long-lasting freezer • Low noise operation – for a safe and pleasant working environment inside the lab • Low heat dissipation – you save on your air conditioning due to lower heat dissipation • Insulated inner doors – to prevent cold air leakage • Ergonomically correct height of cabinets • Heated door frame / heated vacuum valve - for easy door opening • Magnetic door gasket - for tight closure to prevent cold lose • Easy to service – CONTROLLER FEATURES ALARM FEATURES DATA LOGGING FEATURES MICRO PROCESSOR CONTROLLER WITH DIGITAL DISPLAY APPROX. 72 HOURS BATTERY BACK UP FOR ALARMS, LOGGINGS AND TEMPERATURE DISPLAY IN CASE OF POWER CUT PREPARED FOR GSM ALARM PREPARED FOR CONNECTION OF 2 ADDITIONAL PROBES AUTO CYCLE IN CASE OF PROBE FAILURE AMBIENT TEMPERATURE DISPLAY DIRECT DOWNLOAD OF LOGGED DATA ON USB MEMORY STICK DIRECT UPLOAD OF NEW SOFTWARE VIA USB MEMORY STICK 3-LEVEL PASSWORD PROTECTED BATTERY LEVEL INDICATION DISPLAY TEXT AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES TEMPERATURE GRAPH VISUAL AND ACOUSTIC ALARM ADJUSTABLE HIGH/LOW TEMP. ALARM POWER FAILURE ALARM PROBE FAILURE ALARM INSTRUMENT FAILURE ALARM OPEN DOOR ALARM CONTACT FOR REMOTE ALARM SHOWS ALL ALARMS INTEGRATED DATA LOGGER RS485/RS232 INTERFACE INTEGRATED MEMORY FOR 20 YEARS EN ISO 13485:2012

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