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Bartelt Biochemie Aktion PanReac AppliChem

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Bartelt Biochemie Aktion PanReac AppliChem

Bartelt Biochemie Aktion PanReac AppliChem

Bartelt Gesellschaft m.b.H. IHR LABOR-KOMPLETTAUSSTATTER VERKAUF – GERÄTESERVICE – SOFTWARE bestOffer This offer is only valid with the indication of the code: APPLIGB General Biochemicals Promotion 15 Feb – 15 May, 2018 -36% on all Detergents Description Code Application SDS for molecular biology SDS ultrapure SDS Biochemica A2263 A1112 A2572 Anionic detergent used in basic research techniques Sodium lauryl sulfate, in science referred to as sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), is used in cleaning procedures, and is commonly used as a component for lysing cells during RNA extraction and/or DNA extraction, and for denaturing proteins in preparation for electrophoresis in the SDS-PAGE technique. Digitonin (Reagent USP) BioChemica A1905 Non-ionic surfactant from the group of saponins, isolated from the seeds of Digitalis purpurea Used for: • Solubilisation of membrane proteins • Isolation of mitochondria • Permeabilisation of cell membranes • Precipitation of cholesterol • Studies of Ca 2+ CHAPS BioChemica A1099 Zwitterionic Biodetergent Used in the laboratory to solubilize biological macromolecules such as proteins. It is used as a nondenaturing solvent in the process of protein purification and is especially useful in purifying membrane proteins, which are often sparingly soluble or insoluble in aqueous solution due to their native hydrophobicity. It has low light absorbance in the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is useful for laboratory workers monitoring ongoing chemical reactions or protein-protein binding with UV/Vis spectroscopy.

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