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Markteinführung: Simport Tubes 5ml für eine einfache Probenhandhabung

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Markteinführung: Simport Tubes 5ml für eine einfache Probenhandhabung

Markteinführung: Simport Tubes 5ml für eine einfache

Accessories M957BK-2D 2D DataMatrix Code Inserts The 2D Bar Code Inserts are manually pushed in and locked in place on top of tube closure. They are generated by a permanent laser etching system providing a sharper detail, and are tested to ensure readability and uniqueness. Bar code identification can be simply stored in an electronic spreadsheet or any other data collection system. Pk of 100, Cs of 500 M957 Series Color Coded CapInsert At any time the Color Coded Insert could be applied to the tube closure, which eliminates jeopardizing the integrity of your sample by transferring it to another vial. It is manually press fit and locks into place on top of closure. Pk of 100, Cs of 500 M957B Blue • M957G Green M957L Lilac • M957R Red • M957Y Yellow • T450 Series Rack 5.0ml Made of polypropylene Reusable, autoclavable and freezable (-90 °C). Wells are numbered for easier identification 25 tubes. Cs of 5 T450-25B Blue • T450-25R Red • T450-25O Orange • 5.0 ml Tube Storage Boxes Cover made of polystyrene / Base made of high impact polystyrene Color your world with a wide variety of economical storage boxes for your snap or screw cap 5.0 ml tubes These storage boxes are designed to be used at temperatures between -90 °C and +80 °C. A transparent cover allows the user to see the contents of the box, and is keyed to the base to prevent misalignment. Printed with a series of squares numbered from 1 to 25, the surface accepts writing with markers, facilitating inventory control. A unique color coding system uses colored plastic grids to separate the cover from the base. Cat No. Description Qty/Pk Qty/Cs. T330-25B Blue grid • 3 18 T330-25G Green grid • 3 18 T330-25P Pink grid • 3 18 T330-25Y Yellow grid • 3 18 5.0ml Tubes T330-75CL CapLock Clip for 5.0 ml Tubes with Snap Cap Made of polyethylene The unique design of the CapLock provides extra security against inadvertent cap openings on critical samples or during incubation above 80 °C. Ideal for shipping samples. Pk of 10, Cs of 100 T330-75CLB Blue T330-75CLG Green T330-75CLR Red T330-75CLW White T330-75CLY Yellow • Universal Centrifuge adapters Made of acetal plastic Reusable and freezable ( -90 °C ) Pk of 8 T330AD15 For 15 ml rotor bores or adapters. T330AD50 For 50 ml rotor bores or adapters. 3 2 1 2 23 1 Cover has numbered squares for easy sample identification 2 Two corners of cover and base are cut to prevent misalignment 3 Writing surface for identifying base and/or cover 4 Tubes readily visible through transparent cover 5 Air vents minimizing condensation 6 Drain holes under base 7 Stackable 8 Color coded grid 7 5 4 8 6 Distributed by: 2588 Bernard-Pilon Beloeil, Quebec J3G 4S5 Canada T – 450 464-1723 F – 450 464-3394 info@simport.com www.simport.com www.simport.com MKT-T330LL1P4 02/2018 Printed in Canada

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