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Simport-Katalog: Einweg-Plastikwaren für alle Zwecke

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Simport-Katalog: Einweg-Plastikwaren für alle Zwecke


ACCESSORIES M476 Biopsy Foam Pads Made of polyester urethane foam Simport ® biopsy foam pads are used to hold biopsies in place and prevent them from being lost during processing. They are made of a specially formulated foam which is always verified for consistency throughout in order to achieve optimum solvent flow. Biopsy samples are sandwiched between two foam pads and are placed either in tissue capsules or cassettes* with metal or plastic lids. M476-4 model is to be used with the Micromesh TM and Slimsette TM Cassettes. M476-5 is specially suited for the Histosette ® II Cassettes on page 26 & 27. Will resist temperatures from -40 °C to 121 °C. Cat. # For use with Size (mm) Qty/Pk Qty/Cs M476-1 Cassettes 30.2 x 25.4 x 2 1000 10 000 M476-2 Small capsules 25.4 x 2.7 1000 10 000 M476-3 Large capsules 34.6 x 2 1000 10 000 M476-4* Slimsette 27.4 x 25.4 x 2 1000 10 000 M476-5** Histosette ® II 30.2 x 25.4 x 2 1000 10 000 *Use with the following Simport ® cassette Series: M509 and M510.** Use with the following Simport ® cassette Series: M492, M493, M485 and M486. M476-5 M476-2 M476-1 M476-3 M476-5 is specially suited for the Histosette ® II Cassettes on page 26 & 27. M478 Biopsy Bags Made of nylon These sturdy biopsy bags are made of white nylon thin mesh (0.3 mm diameter), reducing the risk of specimen loss during processing. While solvent resistant, they provide great tissue safety and excellent fluid exchange. In order to ease specimen removal, bags can be peeled open. All seams are heat-sealed. Available in three sizes. 1 2 3 1. Transfer the biopsy in the bag with a pair of forceps OR empty both fixative and specimen in the bag. Let the fixative drip out of the bag in a container, close the bag and insert in a cassette. 2. After processing, remove bag from cassette. Open with care, extending the edges. 3. Extract biopsy and proceed with your embedding. Cat. # Dimensions (mm) Qty/Pk M478-1 30 X 50 1000 M478-2 45 X 75 1000 M478-3 75 X 95 500 While providing maximum tissue safety, you can conveniently see through the biopsy bags. M477-6 Paraffin Block Mailer, 6 compartments Made of PVC At last, a transport container made especially for paraffin blocks. Sturdy and easy to use, the Simport ® mailer is transparent for easy viewing of contents. It can be used for handling and shipping up to 6 blocks as needed, while having to keep only one model of block mailer in inventory. The attached cover is easy to close but very secure when closed. Suitable for all regular models of tissue and biopsy cassettes. Cat. # Dimensions Qty/Cs M477-6 134 x 141 x 29 mm H ( 5 1 /4 x 5 5 /8 x 1 1 /8 in. H ) 50 44

ACCESSORIES M470 & M471 Tissue Capsules Made of polypropylene These capsules are suitable for holding tissue samples during processing. The lids have a frosted write-on area for sample identification and an open mesh area to facilitate fluid exchange. The entire surface of the base is also an open mesh. The lid snaps securely on the base, eliminating the risk of tissue loss during processing. For IVD use Cat. # Size (mm) Color Qty/Cs M470 28 x 5 H White 1000 M471 38 x 10 H White 1000 M460 Embedding Rings Made of high impact polystyrene For IVD use Embedding rings are suitable for holding and identifying tissue sample blocks and fit well in microtome chuck adapters. The etched writing surface on the ring is marked with an identification number and placed on top of the sample block. Additional paraffin is poured into the base mold to cement the ring onto the tissue block. The embedding ring securely holds the tissue sample in the microtome chuck adapter for sectioning and then identifies the sample while in storage. Rings are available in different colors. Each case contains 4 dispenser boxes of 250 rings. Cat. # Color Qty/Box Qty/Cs M460 White 250 1000 M460-3 Pink 250 1000 M460-4 Green 250 1000 M460-5 Yellow 250 1000 M460-6 Blue 250 1000 M590BK Cassette Labeler Thermal Printing Foil This hot foil tape is used on the Thermo Scientific PrintMate and MicroWriter, RA Lamb and TBS Shurmark cassette labelers. Will print up to 20,000 cassettes per roll, subject to the amount of data being printed on each cassette. Dimensions: 1 1/8" wide x 400' long (28.6mm wide x 122m long). Cat. # Color Qty/Cs M590BK Black 5 M495-12 Write-ON TM Marker Pen M795-1 Diamond Stylus for Microscope Slide Labelers This pen is specially suited to be used on anterior surfaces and sides of Histology Cassettes. Ink will dry almost instantly. Ink withstands temperatures up to 195 °C and is resistant to solvents. This diamond stylus is perfectly suited for the Thermo Scientific PrintMate and MicroWriter, RA Lamb and TBS Shurmark microscope slide labelers. Manufactured with a consistent even coating of diamond dust. The 2.35mm shaft is made from stainless steel. Cat. # Color Qty/Pk M495-12 Black 10 Cat. # Color Qty/Pk M795-1 Diamond Stylus 6 45


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